Chocolate ganache with kokum sauce

Chocolate ganache with kokum sauce

Ingredients –


500 grams Dark chocolate
500 grams Cream
2 tbsp Chili flakes
100 grams Sugar powder
2 Vanilla pods


250 grams Kokum Juice (fresh)
50 grams Sugar

Curry leaf crumble

200 grams Maida
24 grams Curry leaves (chopped)
100 grams Brown sugar
100 grams Butter


Melt the chocolate with steam & water, remove from flame. Add cream, sugar powder, vanilla pod & chili flakes. Mix all the ingredients well. Take out in one bowl & let it cool for some time.

Put in a fridge for an hour.
Reduce the Kokum juice with sugar until it becomes thick.

Mix maida, curry leaves, brown sugar & melted butter together. Shape them into rounds like biscuit. Bake it until ready.

Serve spoonful of chocolate ganache with Kokum sauce & curry leaf crumble. Garnish with edible flower.


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