Eggless Chiku Orange Cinnamon Sorbet (For 4)

Lockdown Recipe for those with a sweet tooth 👅! How do you like the sounds of a Chiku Sorbet? Now imagine it with a citrus hit and moorish back notes of cinnamon! With the summer closing in on us, this recipe is sure to cool your body and mind!

Chiku/Sapote is a poor man’s fruit. Easily available, considered the opposite of exotic, this fruit is heavily undermined according to me. It is most certainly exotic because it does not originate in the Indian Subcontinent. It was brought to India from South America by the Portuguese hundreds of years ago. Today, it is synonymous to native Indian fruits.

Ingredients –

7-8 ripe chikus /sapote
2 cups of fresh orange juice 
1 tbsp freshly grated/powdered cinnamon
500g sugar 
500ml water  
1 lemon juiced 


1. In a saucepan add the sugar and water and cook un-till the sugar becomes syrupy. Cool a bit and put some on your thumb and use index finger to press and see if it’s sticky and making threads of sugar. This is when the syrup is ready. Keep aside to cool. 

2. In a blender add all ingredients and blend untill smooth. You can strain with a fine sieve if you don’t like the texture of the Chiku. I let it be as is. 

3. Pour into a metal container and freeze for 5 hours. 

4. Put it back into the blender and blitz well and freeze again for 5 hours.

Your sorbet will be smooth and ready at this point


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