Gujarati Pop Up in Goa!

Gujarati Pop Up in Goa!

Of the many formidable regional cuisines of India, Gujarati Thalis rate high. But very few non Gujaratis are introduced to the explosive 🧨unforgettable flavours of Gujarati domestic kitchens.

It is my endeavour to bring Gujarat to you, in all its vegetarian goodness through this ‘Just for a night Pop Up in Goa!’ 💥🥁

14th April, Wednesday 7:00pm onwards @thepatiogoa , Arpora, Goa.

Authentic Flavours of Gujarat
By Chef Shagun Mehra

At Patio, Pizza Delizia, April 14th. Wednesday 7:00pm – 10pm


Semolina Crackers
Farsi Puri
(Fahr-sea Poo-thi)
Yogurt and Gram Flour Dip
Besan ni chutney
(Bay-sun ni cha-ut-ni)
Shredded Spicy Raw Papaya Salad
Kaacho papito nu salad
(Kaa-choo Pup-e-toh nu sa-laad)
Peas Stuffed Crisp Pastry
Tuver ni Kachori
(tu-ver ni kuch-ori)
Steamed Rice and Lentil Cakes
Garlic, Potato & Tomato Curry
Lasaniya Bataka Tameta nu Shaak
(Luh-sun-yah But-aa-ta Tum-e-ta Nu Sh-aa-k)
Mustard tempered Ivy Gourd
Tindora nu Shaak
(Tin-do-ra Nu Sh-aa-k)
Shredded Carrot & Coconut Salad
Puffed Wheat Bread
Millet bread
Bajra nu rotlo
(baaj-ra nu rot-lo)
Spiced Mango Yogurt Curry
Slow cooked washed Yellow Lentils
Ghee Basmati Rice
Saffron & Nutmeg Sweet Whipped Curds
Kesar nu shrikhand
(ke-sar nu shri-kha-nd)
Chilled Mango and Cardamom
Aam ras
(Āam Rūs)

PRICED AT 2000₹ per person. 

Account number: 50100054372363 Branch name is Porvorim and IFSC code is HDFC0000315


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