JAIPUR 💗- Under my skin since 1996

JAIPUR 💗- Under my skin since 1996

It feels surreal to smell Rajasthani Monsoon earth – an uncanny fragrance of moist desert soil.

I feel the warmth of my beautiful friends who fuss over me and amuse me with ALL that Jaipur has to offer ✨💕. Miles from ordinary, my friends are exquisite like the most precious gems they represent.

Please swipe left to see one of the most exquisite boutique hotels of Jaipur @28kothi built by the MOST formidable jewellery merchant of India – my darling @sidkas of @thegempalace . Please do not miss the last photo of my most special friend and sister @sujatabhandari as we embrace in a trio of who Jaipur is for me.


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