Marine Conservation, Sri Lanka

It’s heartening to see how much work the Srilankans have done towards Marine Conservation. Turtle hatcheries have sprouted across the coast clearly revealing the love this country has for its marine treasures. I find it crucial to expose our children – our policy makers of tomorrow to the perils that lie ahead for our planet. Coming up close and personal with these beautiful animals is not just a privilege. It is a step towards a bond between animal and man, which at a tender age can help change our world.

We live on the coast in Goa where turtle deaths are rampant in its hundreds. A few work towards saving them, but the movement towards saving the animals that truly save our coastline are casually ignored for the price of tourism and fishing.
We need to take a leaf out of the Srilankan Marine Conservation Authorities and learn to keep our seas alive. Before it’s too late for us all. 


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