Raw Mango Chutney (Pachadi)

Raw Mango Chutney (Pachadi)

Ingredients – (Serves 4) 

2 cups peeled and chopped raw mango 
1/2 cup grated coconut 
1 cup yogurt
1 green chili 
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Pinch of asofetida (hing)
Curry leaves 
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil 


  1. In a blender, put the raw mango, coconut, yogurt and green chili with 1/4th cup of water and blend into a paste 

2. Heat a small pan, add oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric, asofetida and curry leaves. When it starts to pop, add it into the raw mango paste

3. Add salt and mix well. Your chutney is ready. Enjoy it as a dip or as a sauce for idli, dosa or Parathas.


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