Slow Roasted Beetroot & Cottage Cheese Salad

Slow Roasted Beetroot & Cottage Cheese Salad

Ingredients – (Serves 1)

200gm Beetroot 
50g Paneer (Cottage Cheese) 
Handful Baby Romaine Lettuce 
1/2 Orange Peeled, skinned segmented (as per the photo) 
Juice of half a lemon 
5-6 top sprigs of Dill in iced water

3-5 capers chopped fine 
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil 
3.5 tbsp White wine vinegar 
1/2 tsp crushed garlic 
1tsp chopped Dill
Freshly crushed Black Pepper 


1. Slow Roast the Beetroot in the Oven (Covered) at 160 degrees for 35 mins. Cool, peel and dice (as per the pic) 
2. Crumble the Paneer between fingers and add lemon juice and salt. Keep Aside 
3. Put all the ingredients of the dressing in an air tight jar and shake well 
4. In a Mixing bowl, add the lettuce, Beetroot and dressing and mix gently
5. Plate in a Pasta plate creating height and layers of the lettuce, beets and orange segments
6. Top with crumbled Paneer 
7. Garnish with Dill Leaves (as per photograph)


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