Suzhou & Seoul

Suzhou, China

I touch a Chinese Lantern in Suzhou and feel connected to the Festival of Lights in India. I feel illuminated, happy and satiated with all the love and gifts the universe has showered onto me. I feel grateful for everything I have. I celebrates beautiful #diwali2019 with as much inner joy as I would if I were home. I hold the light of my loved ones to keep me warm in far away lands.

Seoul, South Korea

How can I be anything but smiles when holding a beautiful flute of Champagne 🥂 on my very first evening in Seoul! I was surrounded by the Top 100 Wines of the World by @james.suckling and about to taste my first Authentic Korean Dinner!

Seoul opened doors to me connecting with some of my Top Wine Heroes of the World! Not only did I get the opportunity to shake hands with them, taste their wines, but I got warm hugs and good amounts of wine chitter chatter! @petersisseck@dirk.niepoort@bodegasmuga@lariojaaltasa@grahams_port and many more formidable wine makers and wineries that I have admired over the years were presenting their delicious wines @james.suckling Top 100 Wines of the World.

James and his team organised an incredible event. It was cool as hell, inclusive and very busy! Even a humble wine enthusiast could buy a ticket and taste the TOP wines of the world- all under one roof!!! Plus meet their heros! I hope that India too can soon host an incredible event like this and the future sees more International wines in our markets. The import taxes on wines in India are amongst the highest in the world, which has left us out of serious wine action. But with the patience of the International Wine Fraternity and some determined Indian oenophiles (I definitely raise my hand!), the future is only going to be brighter. I’m determined to stay in close proximity with this beautiful subject and will do my all to promote world wines in India. We need it! We want it!


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